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WH&S Policy

Safety First

At Water Wise Consulting (WWC), our Work Health & Safety (WH&S) policy is based on the belief that all people associated with the Company including employees, visitors and customers, must operate in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Nothing is more valuable to an organisation than its people, and we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all people who become associated with the Companies operations.

We are committed to constant improvement in all areas of its business, and believe that safety in the work place has the greatest positive effect.

The objectives of our safety policy are to:

– Ensure WH&S is the corner stone of managerial and supervisor roles.
– Ensure WH&S is a consideration in all planning and work-related activities.
– Remain compliant with current requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2000, Regulation 2001 and Codes of Practice.
– Ensure an open and inviting consultation process, which allows all persons associated with the organisation can feel free to be involved with the ongoing development and improvement of our WH&S policies and procedures.
– With all new employees, or training conducted by WWC we will strive to improve their skills and understanding of safety.
– Continue regular communication and consultation with clients and contractors and suppliers to improve safety.
– Maintain a well-designed and effective system to identify and control hazards and risks associated with the workplace.
– Maintain a well-designed and effective system for documenting, investigating and reporting (including recommendations to either control or remove the risk) of any incidents or accident which actually.

Our commitment

We believe by displaying a safe and professional approach to all projects, will assist our Client in providing a safe and enjoyable place for all.

No process at WWC is so important that we cannot find and follow the optimal safe and healthy way of conducting our work. We believe all incidents and workplace related injuries and diseases are preventable and we are committed to an objective of Safety start to finish.

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What makes Water Wise the right choice?


Water Wise Consulting specialises in golf course, sports turf and landscape irrigation and provide an independent and professional approach to the entire project, ensuring the client’s requirements and objectives are achieved.


Water Wise Consulting staff have a portfolio of successful high profile projects covering all aspects of their services.


Water Wise Consulting recognises the ever increasing demands that are put onto our natural resources.


Water Wise Consulting provides accurate budgets for the project.


Water Wise Consulting have first hand product knowledge and as we are fully independent of any supplier or contracting firms we are able to ensure the correct products are chosen for each project.


Water Wise Consulting by accurately specifying each stage and requirement of a project as well as onsite project management are able to prevent costly budget blow outs.


Water Wise Consulting ensure standards and regulations are adhered to at all times.

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